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We got a call the other day to brand a cutting horse. The owner googled up horse marketing in Texas and there we were. The well-bred, well-trained steed is headed for the Futurity, the brass ring is in sight and the golden son of champions past needs a corporate identity. We have built brands for rodeo cowboys, copper wire manufacturers, banks, hospitals, long-haul diesel trucks, aircraft appliances, day care centers, utility companies, pro-football teams, oil field equipment, security systems, condos, clowns and hundreds of other offbeat as well as practical companies. Now a cutting horse.

We love this business. 

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In the Old West, horseracing was the favorite pastime at any community or regional gathering. Once you had a proven winner, it was hard to get good odds on a bet. Cowboy marketeers would repackage their quickest mount by painting or dying, usually a darker color. This hoss of a different color was the Dark Horse, the unknown competitor, the winner that came from behind.

In the beginning, we worked for large southwestern ad agencies as a creative shop (occasionally we still do). But we have remained a maverick, straying from the bureaucracy of big agencies and selling them creative when they need a fresh perspective. We do good work and believe we are just as good as our last job no matter how big or small. We drive through Texas and see our advertising ideas, icons and tag lines that have been re-sold by big money advertising agencies to corporate suits. They will never know they bought a dark horse.

If you have a new software innovation or a better bumper hitch, come on by. If we get along and you’ve got some money, we will partner up and kick some butt. We’ll brand it, position it, distribute it, optimize it and track it with killer creative and personal contact that keeps you in the saddle. We’re just south of Denton, Texas on the east side of I-35. You’ll see the sign. Or google up horse marketing in Texas.

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